Goldsmith’s Professor Tim Crook receives the BJTC’s Special Recognition Award for his services to journalism training

You are currently viewing Goldsmith’s Professor Tim Crook receives the BJTC’s Special Recognition Award for his services to journalism training
Professor Tim Crook holding his BJTC Special Recognition Award, after it was presented by Professor Diane Kemp from Birmingham City University. The evening was hosted by Sky News presenter Gillian Joseph.


Goldsmiths professor and espionage writer Tim Crook wins BJTC Special Recognition Award for journalism training.

Goldsmith’s professor and award-winning journalist Tim Crook has been recognised for his services to Journalism and Journalism Training, at the BJTC Awards in London.

Professor Crook is renowned amongst journalism students throughout the country for his bible of media law, compulsory reading for BJTC (Broadcast Journalism Training Council) students getting to grips with the rules and regulations of their profession.

He has taught thousands of journalism students since he took up a position at Goldsmiths, University of London in 1991, having previously studied law, and worked as a radio journalist. Professor Crook was the IRN/LBC Old Bailey and legal affairs correspondent for 15 years.

While presenting him with the BJTC Special Recognition Award at the Sky Cinema on Tuesday (November 12) night, BJTC Deputy Chair and fellow academic Diane Kemp described Professor Crook as a ‘Renaissance man’.

“Tim is a journalist and an academic, but he’s much, much more than that,” she said.

“From his multi-award winning career as a journalist, drama writer and producer, to his reputation in academia as a popular, erudite and witty teacher and colleague, Tim deserves this recognition. He has helped to ensure that journalists are trained in and understand the law and he has embodied this in his own work both as a journalist and an academic. He has been an inspiration to many and is a worthy recipient of the Special Recognition Award,” she said.

Professor Crook has not limited his writing ambitions to academia. His book on British spy and bigamist Alexander Wilson became a three-part series on the BBC, and he has written, produced and directed drama for radio, theatre, film and television.

But Professor Kemp says along with all of his achievements, it is for his kindness that he should be recognised. 

“He gives his time and advice and is unfailingly generous in supporting those who ask for help,” she said.

Professor Crook is retiring from Goldsmiths in 2020. His book on media law and ethics written for BJTC students is available on the BJTC website

November 13th, 2019

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