Industry Partners

Partnering with the BJTC ensures your next employee is fully equipped with the skills and knowledge YOU need.

This is your opportunity to influence the UK standards of journalism training, ensuring graduates are up-to-speed on what matters for you and your organisation.

Join the BBC, Sky News, Reuters, Associated Press, ITV, ITN, Channel 4 News, Global and the National Union of Journalists in a partnership which is constantly investing in the journalists of the future.

As a BJTC industry partner you will:

  • Have a seat on our board
  • Be invited to visit universities as part of our regular accreditation panels
  • Help define the skills you want graduates to be equipped with upon graduation
  • Be confident that your needs are being met whenever the BJTC updates its guidelines and requirements
  • Invest in young journalists and their futures

It’s imperative our educational institutions are kept aware of the ever-changing demands of industry so they can continue to develop graduates with the knowledge and skills required for journalism to flourish in the 21st century.  This is where you come in. We are always keen to hear from our colleagues in industry and invite you to join us. Please feel free to make contact to discuss further.